Tax Support

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of retirement planning is projecting short- and long-term tax liabilities and developing strategies to minimize one’s overall tax burden. First-hand knowledge of an individual’s investments and financial plan is integral to this process, and our partners are uniquely qualified to deliver in this regard.

Jones & Associates has a strategic alliance which provides our clients with tax-planning, preparation and filing services from within our office. Clients receive proactive advice on tax-reduction strategies tailored to their individual circumstances, needs and goals. Enlisting this level of expertise to navigate the complex tax code allows our clients to stack it in their favor and keep more of what they’ve earned. On an ongoing basis, our partners will monitor tax law changes, recommend tax-saving strategies and serve as professional advocates in tax matters.

In addition to the role it plays in maintaining your standard of living throughout retirement, tax planning can have a tremendous impact on the amount of wealth you will be able to transfer to your heirs. We will help ensure that your retirement plan takes full advantage of available tax credits and deductions so that you and your heirs are able to maximize wealth for generations to come.

CPA-Prepared Tax Services

  • Roth Conversion Analysis
  • Second Opinion on Prior-Year Returns
  • Year-end Filing Services
  • 1040 Optimization Reports
  • Personalized Tax Reduction Reports