Jones & Associates Premier Financial Solutions

Legal Strategies

In order to help provide legal services to our clients we have partnered with the highest quality of law firms. This strategic alliance allows us to help meet your legal needs with the same resolve you do. Planning and reviewing your financial legacy is the first step in helping to protect it. Many of our strategies revolve around legacy planning, wills, trusts, estate preservation and probate, medical and financial powers of attorney, and other critical legal affairs that may have a permanent impact on not only your finances, but your legacy.

Legacy – the word alone leaves a lasting impression. We feel it’s synonymous with assets, inheritance, and possessions. But is also echoes permanence, and represents a lifetime. Because of this, we believe it’s imperative to work with the right advisor and the right firm.

Our strategic alliance provides an innovative approach that can help you with the legal strategies you deserve. Strategies that may include:

  • Estate Preservation
    • Probate Avoidance
    • Beneficiary Protection Planning
  • Wills/Trusts
  • Medicaid and Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Estate Settlement and Probate
  • Estate Tax Reduction or Elimination
  • Elder Law Services
    • Medicaid Planning
  • Estate Planning Document Updating and Maintenance Process
  • Second Opinion on current legal documents

Through our legal partnerships we offer a second opinion process which brings together a team of experienced legal professionals to help replace a potentially incomplete plan with a customized legal and retirement blueprint to help meet your needs, goals and objectives.